City class

Imagine a conversation over a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, just like a meeting with a good friend – that is exactly how your „City class” could look like.

you save on commute time


you decide to train your language skills with a professional


you choose the frequency of classes

How does it work?

you and your teacher plan a meeting in a café


class materials are professional handouts prepared by Champions’ Academy just for you


you can have classes once every two weeks and you will be provided with loads of homework for that time interval


you can plan your City class with a native speaker or a philologist

How is this type of class different from a tutoring class? Its quality is very different. In Champions’ Academy you have a guarantee that:

  • your teacher has experience in teaching adults
  • you work with professional materials, which are additionally synchronised with an online platform
  • after the meeting in your favourite ”group” on the platform you will be able to practice expressions learnt in a class



materials and online platform included in the course price


teaching formula helpful in breaking language barrier


comfortable atmosphere in a friendly meeting


possibility of payment in installments without additional costs, or monthly payment in arrears for classes already conducted

If you are interested in enrolling for a course, take the free test.
Should you have any further questions - please send us a message.

Koszt zajęć ‘City class’ wynosi:

  • z polskim lektorem – 85 zł za 60 min.
  • z Native Speaker’em – 109 zł za 60 min.

Przy zakupie pakietu 15 spotkań otrzymasz rabat w wysokości 10%! Koszt pakietu po rabacie wynosi:

  • z polskim lektorem – 1147 zł za 15 zajęć 60 min.
  • z Native Speaker’em – 1471 zł za 15 zajęć 60 min.

Przejdź do zakładki KONTAKT i napisz do nas lub zadzwoń teraz na 661477769.