Online / Stationary

We offer you 2 ways to have a safe and effective language course:

stationary near the Metro Centrum station. Mini groups up to 3 participants. The whole school just for you!


online - in groups or individually: convenience and lesson materials always at hand on your smartphone and computer (a free demonstration class)

How often? Once or twice a week


How long? 60 min or 90 min

When? Group classes in the afternoon between 4 pm and 8 pm. Individual classes – you decide!

What do online classes look like?

You can log in easily using your computer in a cafe, at work, at home, wherever you want! The teacher calls you at the scheduled time and you start the videoconference

The teacher prepares the curriculum to suit your or the group's needs: vocabulary, grammar, conversations, Business English

Thanks to the screen sharing feature, the teacher is able to show the students currently discussed materials, just like in a regular class. In the chat, the teacher corrects mistakes on an ongoing basis and takes notes of useful phrases - the notes are available to students after the class

Are you a busy, dynamic person who often uses virtual amenities? If so, this option is right for you. To arrange a free 30-minute demonstration class, contact us, describe your expectations and indicate 3 possible dates. We will call you back and discuss the details.


Doradzimy Ci, czy na Twoim poziomie lepiej sprawdzą się zajęcia typu:


konwersacje z native speaker’em


lekcje krok po kroku z filologiem, który jasno wytłumaczy zawiłości


a może miks?

if you are interested in enrolling on a course, take our free test to check your level

Should you have any further questions - please send us a message

We know from experience that although intensive learning is effective, not everyone has time for it. Therefore, you can even take part in online classes once every 2 weeks. If you like to study regularly, we suggest that you take part 60 minutes x 1 per week, and, if you have a tight schedule – 90 minutes x 1 per 2 weeks. You get to choose the frequency of classes. You pay for each class on the basis of an invoice after the end of the month. Easy.  Flexible. Comfortable.