Unconventional language courses!

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish for foreigners. Group and individual courses. Classes in the center of Warsaw, stationary and online. Training for companies.
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    We offer you 2 ways to have a safe and effective language course:

    • stationary near the Metro Centrum station. Mini group up to 3 participants. A whole school just for you!
    • online – in groups or individually: convenience and lesson materials always at hand on your smartphone and computer (a free demonstration class)
    Conversation courses

    A perfect option for those who:

    • Struggle with a language barrier
    • Want to speak fluently with no barriers and pauses to look for words or correct grammatical forms
    • Want to communicate effectively


    Business English courses

    A perfect option for those who aspire to:

    • Communicate with contractors effectively
    • Be effective and professional in their workplace
    • Feel confident in the work environment


    Grammar courses

    This choice will fit those who:

    • Make grammatical errors and are afraid to speak English
    • Want to improve or refresh their memory on grammatical structures i.e.: tenses, prepositional phrases, passive voice and conditional sentences etc.
    • Need more than grammatical rules and want to control their use of grammar while speaking


    Exam preparation courses

    Language certificate is a perfect option if you want to:

    • finish you years of language learning
    • go to the next „level” in your language development
    • enrich your CV and establish your professional position


    For Beginners

    It is a great adventure to start learning a new language. In Champions’ Academy you will start with basic phrases and basic grammatical structures to be able to communicate in a foreign language as quickly as possible.
    What can you expect from a Champions’ Academy course?

    • Clear explanations and step-by-step learning
    • A friendly atmosphere, which makes mistakes a natural part of the learning process, not a cause of frustration ☺
    • An experienced and patient teacher


    Job Interview Pack

    If you are currently applying for a new position and want to feel confident in a job interview, choose our Job Interview Pack!

    • you will learn expressions useful in a job interview
    • you will practice answers to mostly asked questions
    • you will have your CV reviewed in terms of grammatical correctness


    City class

    Imagine a conversation over a cup of coffee in a relaxed atmosphere, just like a meeting with a good friend – that is exactly how your „City class” could look like.

    • you save on commutation to the school
    • you decide to train your language skills with a professional
    • you choose the frequency of classes


    In-company courses
    • Teacher’s commutation to the company, ONLINE formula or blended learning
    • Flexible individual and group training
    • Experience in training for management staff
    • Unique teaching materials specific for the Client’s industry
    • Free workshop on effective foreign language learning for employees


    E-learning platform
    • Effective language training for each Course Participant in the form of learning and revision of vocabulary from classes
    • Sets of prepared business expressions
    • Vocabulary and colloquial phrases in a user-friendly form: English <-> Polish
    • Learning in a modern formula – materials available on mobile devices
    • Guaranteed element in all Champions’ Academy courses


    Language audit
    • Comprehensive employee language level analysis
    • Creating the path for language development
    • Establishing stages for soft goals, long-term goals, and technical vocabulary learning
    • Report with a percentage result for the HR department
    • Progress monitoring after completed stages


    Incentive system with gamification
    • Gamification + attractive prizes = strong motivation to learn
    • Perfect solution for corporate courses
    • Attractive prizes for language progress: cinema tickets, coffee coupons or shopping vouchers
    • Increasing the attractiveness of the benefit in the eyes of employees


    Themed lunches
    • Themed periodic workshops at the company’s headquarters
    • Integrative value + spontaneous use of language
    • Discussions on current issues that develop vocabulary, and an engaging formula
    • Workshops conducted by native speakers
    • Vocabulary catalogues for participants


    Speed meetings
    • 15-minute individual meetings for busy people
    • A focused and undemanding formula
    • Quick response to current language concerns
    • Language consultation of e-mails, reports, letters, etc. with a specialist


    • From English to Polish and from Polish to English with a guarantee of fast service and affordable prices
    • Possibility to have the translation corrected by a native speaker
    • Scope of services: all kinds of documents, manuals, commercial offers, websites, etc
    • In order to receive a quote, please send the text of the document in an electronic form to the e-mail address: championsacademy@epoczta.pl


    Champions’ Academy

    Champions’ Academy in numbers

    corporate clients



    years of experience

    Why us?

    By choosing Champions’ Academy you receive:

    1. a teacher who can listen, teach and motivate
    2. modern learning tools
    3. a very interesting and practical programme
    4. teaching aids that stimulate memory
    5. individual approach and openness to your needs in terms of the teaching mode, payments, certificate for your employer etc.
    6. A guarantee that your progress will be constantly monitored
    7. A feeling that your investment in learning helps you succeed and pays off!
    8. Access to a very user-friendly learning platform and revision of class material
    Do you like infographics, easy revisions, and fun phrases all in one place? Be sure to check out the Self-study tab, listed among the top 10 foreign language learning blogs in the LangLion ranking!


    Companies which have trusted us:

    Excellent training-related service, i.e. organization, division into groups, quick and pleasant communication regarding current issues and unconventional educational solutions make us gladly recommend Champions' Academy as an innovative and committed partner. (...) Classes are conducted on the basis of attractive and engaging thematic sets: handouts + flash cards + case studies, which help the program and format of the courses be adapted to the department, interests and language level of our employees.

    Classes often feature tailor-made elements (...) These are thematic sets specific for the IT industry such as Serverless Computing, Devops or Vendors (an economic game for the IT world). Course participants have the opportunity to polish the acquired lexical knowledge on an online platform, which is synchronized with the classes. Classes are conducted by native speakers from Great Britain, Canada and the USA.

    During our cooperation, course participants had the opportunity to choose a teacher from among 3 presented by the school during demonstration classes. The selected teacher is very flexible, chooses teaching methods tailored to our needs, and the dynamic atmosphere in the classroom encourages conversations and natural, spontaneous use of the language.

    The courses organised by Champions' Academy s.c. are characterized by a high competence level, methodological diversity and a professional approach to a specific form of teaching in the in-company courses dedicated to Business English issues. A prepared and qualified teacher cares about the effectiveness of learning.

    The school is able to provide a desired teacher profile (both Polish and a Native Speaker). It offers us service in the form of individual and group classes at various language levels. We value the teachers' flexibility to adapt to our time availability. I am pleased to recommend the school to anyone who is a demanding cooperation partner.

    Our employees positively reacted to the classes. Employees had the opportunity to practice the material during everyday customer service, which visibly increased their professional competences. As organizers we received reports on the scope and progress of learning of each course participant. All the above reasons encourage us to continue using the school's services that provide Business English classes for our employees from this department in the following months. I am pleased to recommend the school especially to demanding partners who want to be treated unconventionally.

    Flexibility, openness and a high level of professionalism make the services of Champions' Academy s.c. highly recommendable. With great conviction we recommend Champions' Academy as a reliable partner in the field of language training. (...) The classes were conducted with professionalism and commitment of the teacher, who cares about the effectiveness of learning.

    We are pleased to say that the quality of the school's services is very high. The way the classes were conducted was professional and the teacher was fully committed to their job. The atmosphere during the classes and the adaptation of the materials to the expectations of the course participants supports the development of language skills. Champions' Academy has gained our full trust with its flexibility, reliability and openness.

    Champions' Academy is a reliable partner worth recommending. The school offers professional staff and modern teaching materials. You will feel rapid progress in your language development thanks to various types of exercises that encourage conversation and communication in English. We recommend Champions' Academy as a reliable, professional and trustworthy company due to its high standard of service as well as the effects of learning using the school's method.

    Trainings are carried out comprehensively, each time preceded by a thorough analysis of current needs in the field of specific, industry-related topics. Adequate preparation for classes, extra materials and the teacher's punctuality are undoubtedly the advantages of cooperation with Champions' Academy. A very good contact with the school and flexibility prove undoubtedly the professionalism of Champions' Academy and are the best credit to the company that we recommend as a trustworthy partner.



    A very professional approach, nice atmosphere during classes and small groups! Classes are very interesting and diverse tasks make learning really enjoyable. There should definitely be more language schools like this one. I would highly recommend 

    I like the atmosphere during the classes, the way the teachers correct mistakes, their flexibility and patience. I like that the school provides all learning and practice materials. You can join a group that fits your needs in terms of the program.


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