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I’ve been teaching for almost two years now, for the most part I’ve worked with children as well as teaching business English. I feel that teaching children was the most valuable and rewarding experience so far when it comes to my teaching career. I have a genuine interest in getting to know different people and this is the main reason I enjoy teaching. My own interests include History, Philosophy and Politics, as well as sports such as basketball, which played a large part in my younger years, I have recently taken up roller blading and so far it’s been thoroughly enjoyable.

When it comes to linguistic growth I feel that the pupils need to feel involved, that way their brains will retain information for a longer period of time, being light-hearted goes a long way to make everyone feel more comfortable and in my opinion encourages growth. 

I am fluent in Serbo-Croat, and I have a decent understanding of Spanish and Portuguese.

Classes with a native speaker are a good idea because,  the pupils are exposed to different dialects, they are exposed to more colloquial terms, they get a sense of the languages “Culture”, at times they might have to adjust to the real pace of the language, all in all I believe it helps them to improve their conversational abilities rather than anything else. This can be linked to the language skills I stress in class, which are speaking/ pronunciation, and comprehension through reading and listening.