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To let you know a little about myself I’ll start with something that may surprise you. I never originally expected to end up working in the English teaching industry. In 2010 on a whim I took a big chance in taking a contract to teach abroad in Taiwan with a close friend. Never did I imagine or expect to fall in love with the place or live there for more than 4 years. Teaching, the ex-pat lifestyle, learning about foreign cultures and travelling became my passions. After Taiwan I moved to the mainland to Shanghai to continue my Asian experience, and to focus on teaching business English, which is closer to my original schooling and undergrad than teaching language.

I enjoy talking about Asia, travel, business, sport and life in general among other topics. Now that I’m living in Poland I’m looking forward to learning as much about Poland and Europe as possible. I’m excited about having the opportunity to teach you English, and business English and just chatting about anything important or interesting at the moment, and also learning from you. See you in class!